Exol Oil

Exol Premium is an oil used for lubrication of various moving parts. Engines consist of several parts simultaneously moving against each other thereby causing friction which thereby creates heat. There is significant wear and tear between moving parts which leads to lower engine efficiency and systematic degradation of the engine thereby increasing fuel consumption, decreasing power output and finally leads toengine seizure or failure. It is therefore necessary to create a separating film between surfaces of moving parts to minimize friction between them, decreasing heat released by friction and reducing wear to finally protect the engine. This separting film is a Lubrication agent which we call Engine Oil.

Exol Quality Guarantee

Exol is a registered product of Gulf Worldwide Distribution since 2009. The Core of our product offering is our strict adherence to specifications, innovations and our quality control. All Exol products are made from 100% Virgin Base Oil using USA based additives.

For Petrol/ Gasoline Engines, Exol Lubricants confirm to meet the latest in API categories including SL and SJ. Similarly for Diesel Engines Exol Lubricants confirm to meet the latest in API including CF-4

Exol Performance

Today’s Modern automotive engines are much more superior in performance and work in far more hotter and challenging conditions. Inferior oils lead to creation of harmful residue which results in a thick, tar-like deposit called sludge which inhibits the proper functions of an engine and can lead to engine failure even though the vehicle is serviced regularly. Choosing Exol-Premium Engine Oil is the key to longer lasting engine life.