Exol Automatic Transmission Fluid | DEXRON-III

Exol DEXRON -III is a superior quality automatic transmission .uid formulated with high viscosity index base oils and selective additive package to obtain anti-wear, anti- oxidant, anti-foam properties and low temperature fluidity. It provide excellent protection against wear and their frictional properties gives consistent and smooth shift under a wide range of driving condition.

Main Benefits

- Excellent anti-wear, anti-oxidant and anti-frictionproperties.
- Excellent low temperature .uidity, thermal and high shear stability.
- Provides smooth and trouble free operation of ATF.
- Good frictional properties give’s smooth shift performance.

Performance Level


Packing Details

1 Liter | 20 Liter | 25 Liter | 208 Liter

Exol Automatic Transmission Fluid

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